1. Warden will take care of all the students in hostel.

2. Management is the final authority to decide to give hostel to any student.

3. Students having any medical issues will not be permitted to stay in hostel.

4. Warden will decide about the allocation of rooms to the students.

5. Based on the students academic performance & good behavior, their continuation of stay in hostel would be decided.

6. In case of sickness or any other grounds, when the wards stay back at home, they have to intimate the warden about their students. After leave the parent have to accompany their ward to leave in the hostel.

7. Silence to be maintained during study hours.

8. Parents are not allowed to enter into the hostel.

9. Girls after marriage will not be allowed to stay in hostel.

10. Students are not allowed to hold medicines, without getting prior permission from the warden.

11. College will in no way be responsible for accidents happening in and out of the campus.

12. When hostler want to go home, before leaving hostel, they should get permission from warden / OA / Principal and their entries should be made in out-gone note and get the gate pass before leaving.

13. When after holiday, on returning to hostel, every student is expected to sign in the incoming register before entering the hostel.

14. To go home on emergency ground, parents / person authorized by parents with a letter duly signed by the parents will only be permitted.

15. Inmate are not permitted to have sum of money or valuable articles (Gold / any other Costly ornaments / Radio / Camera / Cell phone / I – Pad with them). The warden will not hold any responsibility for loss of any.

16. Students are not supposed to move from their room to another room in the hostel.

17. No student is permitted to stay in the hostel during the college working hours without the permission of warden and principal.

18. Students are supposed to go only to their home and on any cost they cannot go to their friends / relatives houses if they go severe action will be taken.

19. Students will be sent home during the holidays declared by the college.

20. Cell phones are strictly prohibited inside the hostel, incase of found it will be seized and handed over to the principal and intimated to parents.

21. During the attendance time, students should stay in the prescribed venue.

22. Students are supposed to keep the room clean and they are not allowed to draw / scribble / paste any picture on the wall.

23. Incase of need, parents can meet their wards after getting prior permission from warden.

24. Dress code should be strictly followed in the hostel.

25. Students are not allowed to hold any meeting among the students or collect any money or issue any pamphlet, if seen any of the above, strict action will be taken.

26. When returning from home after holidays after 5.30 pm students will not be allowed to enter into the hostel. Students coming in morning have to report to the warden before coming to the class.

27. The decision taken by management is final in all matters.

28. Students not obeying the rules and regulations of the hostel, we will be denied to stay in the hostel.

29. Students are supposed to bring the following things to the hostel.
a) Bed / bed covers / pillow / bed sheet
b) Mosquito net
c) Plastic bucket/ mug
d) Lock and key
e) Torch light
f) Hangers
g) Photo copies of all certificates
h) 2 pass port size / 2 stamp size photo (color)