The principal is empowered to inflict the following punishments to the concerned students.

  1. Loss of attendance
  2. Loss of term certificate
  3. Suspension / Expulsion
  4. Fine
  5. Disciplinary action

Students should aim at conducting themselves in a manner, suited to the normal functioning of the college.

Students can meet the principal at any time other than class hours.

Students are strictly not allowed to use mobile phones.

Any student found violating any of the rules and regulation of the college or found disturbing the peace in the campus as well as off the campus, will be liable for suspension by the head of the institution who has the right to dismiss the student without any explanation.
Students should attend the meeting and conferences. Decency should be maintained during the meeting / conferences.

Students are advised not to bring valuable things like ornaments, heavy cash, and electronic gadgets etc. Management is not responsible for any theft of valuables or cash inside and outside the campus.

Admissions are made to the college on the clear understanding that those who are admitted will fully abide by the rules and regulation in force and these with which may be enforced or modified as and when required by the college / university / government authorities.

Ragging is completely prohibited inside the college campus as well as outside the campus.

Students involved in ragging will be dismissed from the college.