About our BBA Department:

The main objective of the Department of Business Administration is to provide knowledge on business and administration so as to make the individuals to upgrade their skills. BBA course subject that includes Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Statistics, Operational research, Business Mathematics will help the students to run the business in an effective manner rather than anyone else. In today’s competitive world where everybody wishes to become an entrepreneur, this course helps you think more precisely on different aspects of running a business. It helps in building tactical skills. If a student wishes to do MBA after his BBA then there are many advantages as she already had the knowledge of what will be covered in the MBA course, she can grasp things easily and will have clear idea when choosing their specializations.

The faculty of the department is committed to create a conducive and dynamic learning environment. The department organizes lecturers by eminent speakers from industry, workshops and industrial visits to bridge the gap between industrial requirements and institutional knowledge. Department is trying to enhance the knowledge, skill and ability among students to perform in all aspects, in the field of management. It also tries to make them to administer themselves to adopt the present business conditions.


Objectives of the programme:

1. To provide the basic and essential knowledge regarding various activities undertaken and necessary to run socially responsible business organization.
2. To inculcate global view of the industrial and organizational establishments and their functions which support the business system.
3. To make them responsible to specialize in the areas of management like Human Resource, Finance, Operations and Marketing Systems.
4. To inform the micro level concepts of business and management like Insurance, Retail Marketing , Supply Chain Management etc..


Job opportunities:

1. Finance manager
2. Business Administration Researcher
3. Human Resource Manager
4. Business Consultant
5. Information System Manager
6. Marketing Manager



BBA Maths ,Commerce , Accountancy with advanced language or logic